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True story. The other day I went to the local Post Office to “post” a letter by Certified mail. Having done this on numerous occasions, I was somewhat familiar with the sector-specific government protocols, and the calculation methodologies in accordance with the Domestic Mail Manual 508 Recipient Services 6.0 General Delivery.

Overall, the performance of the USPS is impressive. Today, not so much. The counter agent pointed out that I had presented incorrect forms to the seat of power. He handed me two Hoyle approved requisitions to complete and told me to reposition myself at the back of the second line.

Eventually, I was summoned to present my corrected paperwork. What happened next is best described with the words of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley: He moved with “torpid glaciers creep.” After agonized calculations on the calculator, he announced that my charge was $6.49. Amazingly, that is the exact cost of previous certified letters I had sent to the same destination.

I handed him a five dollar bill and two ones. Unknown to me, some of the edges of the currency were crinkled, and they were arranged without regard to facing or direction. With scant movement, the gentlemen painstakingly smoothed the edges and corners of each bill, and then arranged them portrait side up by denomination. As he finished each bill, he glanced at me with an anguished countenance of disapproval at the treatment I had given this noble currency.

As I walked away, two thoughts came to my mind. 1. No wonder email is so popular. 2. It is easier to do business with God than man. At any moment of the day or night, we can come to Seat of Power and communicate with Jesus (no lines!). It does not matter if our paperwork is in order, the Lord will listen to our needs.

But there is a message in the way we handle currency. Chuck Colson said that on earth, the legal tender of nations is what you use to sustain yourself, and provide for your needs. But the currency of Heaven is not material, but spiritual. Therefore the currency of Heaven is glory, praise, exaltation, rejoicing, and singing in honor of our Lord Jesus. We must keep this Heavenly currency fresh, heartfelt, and in proper order.

That USPS agent taught me an eternal lesson. Handle your Heavenly currency well and keep it current!

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