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A Note to Mom

My mother, Paula, was received into heaven in 1982, following a valiant struggle with acute myelogenous leukemia. It was only a matter of weeks between her initial diagnosis and her final breath. Too young. Too soon. Too ultimate. Too unfair.

I just thought that she would be with us longer. There were so many more conversations I needed to have with Mom. There were some “why” questions that only she could have answered. There were some “I’m sorry” statements that I needed to say. Then, there were some “happy announcements” that I wanted to tell her. And I wanted to say that I loved her, and that she was the best mother in all the world.

And I wanted to ask Mom to say my name just one more time.

But, all those needed conversations abruptly ended in the wee hours of a November morning in that darkened hospital room. The finest army of medical professionals in Houston could not defeat her aggressive cancer. The most advanced medicines in the world could not cure her blood and bone marrow. The Great Physician provided no miracle despite the passionate prayers of thousands of Believers. Mom died. Time stopped.

But I live with the hope that one day, Mom and I will again have an eternal conversation uninterrupted by pain, suffering, injections, transfusions and x-rays. On earth, Mom enjoyed walks on the beach in Galveston. So, one day, we will walk together on the beach of the Sea of Glass. Like the old Gospel song by Sanford Bennett says, “We shall sing on that beautiful shore, the melodious songs of the blest, and our spirits shall sorrow no more, not a sigh for the blessing of rest. In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore; in the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore.” And talk, and laugh, and remember.

You are invited to peek over my shoulder as I pen this brief note to my Mom, who is in Heaven: “Dear Mom - I miss you so much. Could you stop in for a visit sometime? What if you asked God for a 30-minute layover here on earth so you can see your grandkids and great grandkids? You will be so proud of them, and they will want to hug you and show you their most recent crayon drawings and report cards. I know it would be a brief visit, but it would mean so much to all of us. And maybe, before you go, you could just say my name one more time. Love, David.”

Friends, hug your Mom on Mothers’ Day, and besides, every day is Mothers’ Day – right? God bless!

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