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Africa/Europe/South America/Mexico/Canada/  Caribbean Islands

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature      (Mark 16:15)


Dave Rose has traveled to several foreign countries on medical missions trips and evangelistic outreaches. He always provides food and financial assistance to support the missionaries in charge of the work. In each country, Dave has taken opportunity to minister in local hospitals and orphanages. In Haiti, he fed refugee children with Convoy of Hope. In Tanzania, Dave taught at the Bible School in Dodoma. In Surulere, Nigeria, Dave visited a children's hospital and orphanage, and prayed with the children.


Dave has invitations to return to some of these areas to preach, teach, and strengthen the work of the local missionaries. Funds are needed to make the trip possible. Will you help? Here's how you can participate:

Pray for ministry opportunities to become available

Send a financial gifts so we can pay for ministry trips and support missions projects

Provide Air Miles credit and other assistance for travels

Pray about other ways you can help

Chick here if you want to send a financial gift >>>>>

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