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The five grandkids were over the other day. Sue and I love to have them visit. We have the best time getting ready for them. We have the best fun when they are here. And we have the best nap after they leave! It’s all good.

During one recent visit, there was all the usual screaming and hollering that makes the day special. But without any warning, they all became dreadfully quiet in the other room. Noise has its’ own set of problems. But, when grandkids are over, silence is not golden - it screams disaster. So, I peeked around the door to discover that various antique treasurers including furniture had been unceremoniously moved to accommodate a “really fun” game. Stuff was stacked on top of other stuff. Grandmother will have a conniption rumble when she sees this.

The interceding diplomat of the grandkids delegation quickly said with reassuring articulation, “Don’t worry, Pop, we’ll put it all back!” Basically, the message was that old gramps should go back to his Grape Nuts. They had everything under control. Indeed, they had no concept of the predicament they had created for themselves in search of a good time.

It reminded me of …me…us….Christians. God has set things in order in His Church. The Bible is clear. But many folks come along and start to rearrange His things. Then, with the simplicity of a child we say, “Don’t worry, God, we’ll put it all back.” Fat chance!

Consider the state of the Church in 2015. Some people are disrupting the order of God’s House in every service. I understand the argument that we must not change the Message but the Method is fair game. Is it? Is God pleased with some of our awesome methods? Have our song selections genuinely made worship better? Is “practical and relevant preaching” making stronger disciples for Christ? Or, have we missed God and His Will? Have we robbed Believers of the awe and reverence for God He deserves, in our quest to be missional, authentic, relevant, and practical?

In my mind, to please God, follow His orders. Then you won’t have to worry about how to put things back.

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