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My dream as a teen was to own a red Chevrolet Corvair, and I did. It was fast, easy to steer, and had a 4-speed stick shift with a 6 cylinder engine. Pretty much everything was reversed. The engine was in the back so you put the gas in at the front. The trunk was in the front, but the dipstick was in the back. Truly a challenge for people who hate change.

Oddly, the normal 26 MPG dropped by 6 to 8 gallons when you used the heater?! Also, it burned a LOT of oil. I always carried extra quarts of oil in the trunk because whenever I would fill up with gas, I had to add a quart of oil. Didn’t everyone?

Within a few months of buying the car, a book was published called, “Unsafe At Any Speed.” The Corvair was declared dangerous for many reasons including steering problems, weight distribution, cabin fumes, and the potential of being impaled by the steering wheel in an accident. I was so disappointed. A friend said these issues may impact trade-in values – NO KIDDING! I was stuck with a dream I loved.

Have you ever had a dream that turned into a nightmare? Have others ever tried to discourage you or tried to destroy your dream? A person with a vendetta can cause you much harm and consternation. But I have learned over the years to pray, seek counsel, and do what is right. Remember that no car, house, job, or dream is perfect. But knowing you are in the Will of God is what matters. I enjoyed my Corvair, and even bought a second one in college. I wish I still had one.

In 1971, the National Highway Safety Transportation Board declared the Corvair to be no less safe than anything else on the road. In August 2007 Hemmings Classic Car Magazine called the Corvair “GM’s Mechanical Marvel. Pure and simple, these are still great cars, and extremely advanced for their time.” In 2015, the Corvair is considered the world’s least expensive collector car.

In the end, the naysayers were wrong about my dream. In their anger, they caused much frustration and sorrow. Be encouraged today. Follow your dream, live out your passions. Don’t let the “little foxes” spoil your vine (Song of Solomon 2:15).

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