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CORAL SNAKE SPOTTED! These words snagged my attention as I read the latest edition of the eNews for our subdivision. Usually the eNews carries critical information like “Used couch for sale – Fuchsia with 2 Asparagus green pillows - $200 OBO.” I rarely read it, but the notice about the snake caught my eye.

There was even a picture of the snake on the curb – how thoughtful. If I had encountered a coral snake on my curb, the last thing I would have thought of was taking its picture! The person who wrote the notice said that the snake slithered away into some tall grass before they could get a stick to dispatch it. Coral snakes are dangerous and deadly critters, and totally fulfill the old adage: “Red to yellow, kill a fellow; red to black, venom lack.” They are a relative of the cobra, and are not household pets.

From that day to this, I am careful about where I walk or dig. When I do yardwork, I consider “what if” I see a snake. At evening, when I walk outside, I cast a leery eye for the snake. Indeed, he may be watching me!

The warning of a potential threat to our homes and families by my good neighbors is greatly appreciated. Teamwork strengthens security against thieves, robbers, and even snakes. We live in a threatening world. More eyes see more.

Snakes are mentioned at least 80 times in the Bible. The only good serpent was the bronze one Moses lifted up in the wilderness (Numbers 21). Jesus compared Himself to that snake, meaning that He would provide life and healing if we would look to Him (John 3). Often snakes are compared to evil, and the Bible refers to Satan as a serpent in Revelation 20:2.

And Satan has been spotted in the neighborhood, too!

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