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It was a hot, sultry day in Houston (surprise?), and I was walking out of the Walmart with four air filters. My car was parked about as far as possible from the front doors, because of a big sale. That’s when it happened. A stalker began to follow me in his car. Could it be an armed robber just waiting to grab my air filters? Is this the way my life would end? Help - parking space stalkers are on the loose! No matter where you park, someone wants your parking space.

It seems that the way people act in a parking lot is a macrocosm of life. Take the way people park. Many people will make sure that they are in the exact middle of the stall. They want 12 inches on both sides and will back in and out several times to achieve this. Their fastidious compulsion stops traffic and causes hazards. To them, parking correctly is an art form.

Some back into their spot so they can get out faster. This could be a form of delayed gratification. They are willing to take extra time parking so they can quickly exit later.

Some park to ruin two spaces so their car will be protected on both sides – no dings! These folks protect themselves at all costs. They would rather break the law than suffer personal loss. Lines mean nothing to them because their needs and desires are all that matter.

And then there are the stalkers. They will follow defenseless souls to get the best spot possible. They act like bullies slowly following you to your car. As you load your merchandise, they glare at you and you can almost hear them sigh impatiently as though you owe them a speedy exit so they can park their royal buggy.

Then there are those who go to the health club to work out, but fight to get a parking space up front so they don’t have to walk so far. That makes no sense at all.

The Bible teaches that we should not be selfish or greedy over someone’s parking space. “Let each of you look not only on his own interests, but also to the interests of others (Philippians 2:4).”

And please stop stalking guys with air filters!

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