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Do you collect rocks? Over the years, I have met people with fascinating collections of coins, stamps, baseball cards, books, dolls, and rocks. One lady in Wisconsin collected thimbles. Another lady collected rosette and timbale irons. My grandfather collected old clocks and guns.

One of the more psychotic compilations was by a lady in Amarillo. She had all kinds of decorative chickens including ceramic, embroidered, metal, glass, and wire. From salt and pepper shakers to clocks to bedspreads, chickens were everywhere, even in the bathroom! On the front porch were two three foot tall ceramic fighting cocks painted red. On the back porch were ceramic mother hens and baby chicks. To me, she went past being an obsessive collector into being a full-fledged unrivaled pathological hoarder – peep peep!

One year during adult Sunday School, we asked class members to bring their collections to church to show the class during an opening “show and tell” segment. One lady collected hats, and a man accumulated dozens of neckties. The best collection was the lady who collected Chinese food recipes. She actually brought several woks to church and made a meal for the class! We stopped doing the segment when a guy brought his beer can collection – many were not opened, yet.

What you collect tells us a lot about you. For whatever reason, your collections bring you some comfort. Certain antiques may remind you of childhood experiences. Completing a series of plates may bring a sense of accomplishment. Having authored-signed books, tells others you have met important people. There is always an interesting story in the collection.

Did you know that God is a collector? It’s true. He has a marvelous amassment of treasures that is far superior to any human trove. Somewhere in Heaven, God keeps his beloved collections in special bottles. Indeed, you have added to God’s collection during the most catastrophic times in your life. This amazing collection is revealed in Psalm 56:8 NLT – “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

Know this, not one of the tears of your life is lost. Others may not have seen your tears, but God has. And He highly prizes each one. Be encouraged today. God loves you!

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