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The other day I stopped at the gas station to fill up. That’s when I noticed that a huge fuel tanker was refilling the tanks below. My Dad always said to not buy gas when they were filling the tanks because it stirred up the sediment at the bottom of the tanks and could cause problems with your engine. So, before filling my car, I walked over to the young truck driver and opened a conversation.

He had been a fuel tanker driver for about 5 years. He said that the worse part about the job was that the truck was constantly shaking on the road, and it had caused damage to his kidneys and other internal organs, besides giving him back problems. He also mentioned that he was under constant stress over delivery schedules, robbers, and road rage attacks. A good friend of his had to quit because the drivers were always exposed to gas vapors that added to their health issues. He then mentioned that being away from home on long trips had caused family problems.

He then said that people often ask him two questions:

1. Isn’t it scary to have a full load of gasoline following you around everywhere?

2. Should I fill my tank when you are re-filling the storage tanks?

He said it was stressful to have the volatile load of 9000 gallons of fuel behind him, and he never forgot that it was there. His main fear was that someone would cut him off on the road and that he wouldn’t have time to stop safely. On the upside, few hitchhikers wanted to ride with him (totally believable!). He also said his Dad would never get gasoline when the delivery man was there, nor would he.

I assured him that my prayers would be for his safety and that the angels would protect him (Psalm 91:11). In just a few moments of conversation, I quickly experienced the life of a fuel tanker delivery professional. There were more prayer requests than I could count. Everyday brave professionals like him drive our crazy freeways and navigate through rude traffic. Next time you see a gasoline truck, how about lifting a prayer for the driver and their families? And why not give them plenty of room on the road, too?

So, today, take some time to pray for those who have dangerous jobs. Some of these brave professionals put out fires, arrest criminals, serve in the military, build skyscrapers, fly jumbo airliners, install roofs on houses, and yes, drive gasoline trucks. SALUTE! May the Lord protect and strengthen each of you that are constantly in harm’s way. You are appreciated!

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