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Past Performance is no Guarantee!

There it was in white on black, “Past performance does not predict future results.” Up until I read those tiny words that were almost hidden on the bottom of the card, I thought this invitation had promise. The glossy card invited me to a fancy Steak and Seafood restaurant for a FREE MEAL! It stated: “As you can imagine, our seminars fill up quickly. So don’t miss your chance to reap amazing benefits like your neighbors.” Then, there were testimonials of local participants who had received incredible earnings from their investing with this award-winning business.

Of course, I did not know Carol B., and Ron G. They were probably wonderful people, but, not recognizing them lost impact with me. Who knows, maybe this was a legitimate opportunity for me to advance my income and get a FREE MEAL at the same time. Things did not go well with the FREE NIGHT at a resort after I had heard the sales pitch. And then there was that FREE GIFT, if I would just pay shipping and handling. And FREE CHECKING, isn’t.

But after all the big words, and outright promises of financial freedom, I came to the bottom line: “Past performance does not predict future results.” In other words, just because somebody else got lucky, doesn’t mean you will. Ask a major league baseball team who just traded 3 top minor league prospects and a starting pitcher for an All Star center fielder. Just because he was amazing last year, it does not mean that he will ever again be amazing.

Before 1975, SONY was a world-wide leader in consumer microelectronics. Portable transistor radios by SONY made them a huge favorite in the USA. Their corporate name became synonymous with quality workmanship and space-age engineering. But even though they had had such great success, the SONY Betamax video recorder flopped bigtime. “Past performance does not predict future results.”

John DeLorean was an award-winning automobile designer for GM. Thinking that he had a great idea, he left GM to create the futuristic DeLorean car. It failed. Prior to 1988, Pepsi could do no wrong. But placing on the market their Pepsi Breakfast Cola in 1988, was embarrassingly unsuccessful. The Du Pont Company started making gunpowder in 1802. Over the years, many world governments and private companies trusted Du Pont to always be successful. But in 1963, they introduced Corfam for shoes. I tried to sell those shoes while working my way through college. They were horrible for too many reasons. “Past performance does not predict future results.”

There is only one exception to this statement: Isaiah 54:10 NIV - “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the LORD, who has compassion on you.” You know what, the past performance of our Lord is a good indicator of future results. Trust Him in 2017. God never fails.

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