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Generational Bloodlines

The other day I was part of a discussion about family heritage. One of the ladies in the group had traced her bloodline back to the Native Americans. She was rightfully proud of her heritage, and the group asked many supportive questions. As the conversation ended she said, “The blood of many noble warriors runs through my veins.”

Another man mentioned that his family had immigrated from Europe, and his family had been recognized for generations as part of the medical profession. One fellow said that there were horse thieves in his family that had served time in prison. There was a group laugh because we all have some “black sheep” wandering around in our genealogy. This bloodline mixture in humanity gives ornamentation to each family.

In my family, we have a number of ministers. My grandfathers’ sister, Aunt Mildy, was a self-proclaimed evangelist and hat maker. My Father was an ordained minister and pastored in Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Today my brother, cousin, and several members of my extended family also serve as credentialed ministers. You might say that we have a preacher bloodline flowing.

As a preacher’s kid (PK), I am always on the lookout for other PK’s. We have a common bond of experience that few other people understand. Since we are in the preacher bloodline, it impacts us throughout life. I believe that you can never get away from the ministry. You may go into a different field of labor, but the bloodline will always have influence.

Which brings me to an amazing discovery. Did you know that the following people are (were) PK’s? Read the list and consider each individual. What thoughts come to your mind? Here we go: Vincent Van Gogh (painter), Nat King Cole (singer), George Stephanopoulos (TV news), Arsenio Hall (actor), Friedrich Nietzsche (atheist philosopher), Condoleeza Rice (politician), Denzel Washington (actor), Phil Jackson (NBA coach), Joel Osteen (pastor), Wyclef Jean (rapper), Aretha Franklin (singer), Franklin Graham (minister), the Jonas Brothers (singers), Alice Cooper (singer), Joy Williams (singer), and Katy Perry (singer).

Most of these individuals make no public claim to Christianity. While no man can know the heart of another, the outward fruit of their commitment to Christ is vague at best. Indeed, some of these PK’s are vocally opposed to Christianity, and actively act to diminish Jesus. Franklin Graham, Condoleeza Rice, Denzel Washington, Joel Osteen, and Alice Cooper have recently stated publicly that they are committed Christians. For this I am grateful.

This blog is not condemning anyone. But I do believe that the preacher bloodline is powerful. My prayer is that each of these individuals that are still living will remember their roots, and return to the God of their fathers. Will you join me in that prayer? Can you imagine the powerful testimony they would have in the entertainment world if they would proclaim their commitment to Christ?

Here's a Word for all of us. Zechariah 1:3 NLT – “This is what the LORD of Heaven's Armies says: Return to me, and I will return to you.”

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