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Hurricane Harvey Stories

Most of us in the Greater Houston area have a Hurricane Harvey story to tell. From alligators in the pool to raccoons in the attic, strange things happened. Some of our law enforcement officers saw things no one should ever have to see. Lives were lost, property destroyed, and memories scored. Sometimes, words are insufficient. Only tears speak.

As the Brazos River was rising to historic levels, my neighbors were concerned about the levees. We were under a voluntary evacuation, but many of us chose to stay. Few people slept at night because we did not know if we would suddenly be required to evacuate. The driving rain would not stop. Every odd sound rattled the mind. Things were tense. Not knowing is a tedious master.

In a storm, societal rules change. People are more open to others. It was a great opportunity for me to wander through our subdivision to check on the elders, and to fellowship with those who stayed. We spent quality time sharing our concerns over the storms potential impact. Some of us gathered for prayer.

On several occasions, a few of the men went down to see the river. There were safe vantage points where we could see how quickly it was rising, and then report back to our families. Life-long friendships were made during those anxious hours as we waited for the Brazos to crest. Thankfully, we had no flooding in our neighborhood

Occasionally, a Richmond Police vehicle cruised through our streets. We were very grateful to know that they were on duty. The field behind my house, was used to land county sheriff helicopters. I was glad to know that they were there. Huge Chinook helicopters thundered overhead carrying National Guard troops. To me, it was comforting to know that the military had our back.

On the Thursday after the storm, I went to the iconic Richmond bridge to take pictures. Seeing the Brazos rising to just under the lower beams was stunning. The current was so strong that large pieces of debris floated by like helpless twigs. After taking multiple photographs, an authoritative voice spoke into my ear, “What are you doing?” Surprised, I turned to see a police officer in full tactical gear and a rifle over his shoulder. He calmly pointed out that I had wandered into a restricted zone, and needed to move.......which I did without delay.

Thank God for law enforcement officers who guard our communities. They leave their homes and families, even in a raging hurricane, to care for our safety. Did you notice public safety personnel on duty during the storm? To me it was reassuring, even if I was the guy under scrutiny. (Got some great pictures, though!)

Our Heavenly Father is our supreme authority. Yes, through Christ He is our Friend and Savior. He comforts us in sorrow, and answers our prayers. But, in the issues of life, God remains our Sovereign King, and final Word. Someone has to do it.

As far as I know, God is the only one who is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. That alone sets God above the rest. Kingdoms rise and fall, but God endures. Hurricanes blow through and disrupt the infrastructure, but God remains. Intellectuals concoct failed theories and philosophies, but God stands.

Atheists may ignore God, but He does not ignore them. Agnostics may look elsewhere for inspiration, but the truth of God tugs at their heart for consideration.

Did you know that there would be no absolute authority on the earth if God did not exist? It’s true. Romans 13: 1 ESV – “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”

Under God, there were law enforcement officers on duty during the storm. Thank you! We needed you. And God bless and protect you! Salute!

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