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Crop Circles and Life Statements

In a recent television news report, we met farmer Gene Hanson of Edgeley, North Dakota. He was on camera because he had taken his tractor and written the following statement in his bean field: “WE STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM.” Overall, the required space needed for the message was about two football fields! Gene said that it was a challenging task because there was no spell-check on his tractor.

As media helicopters took video, Gene’s powerful statement of patriotism was seen nationwide. Warning: Be careful about kneeling in this bean field during the national anthem, or you may get caught in the blade of the Hanson tractor.

It struck me that from the air, the message was clear. But from the ground, it was just a half-way demolished bean field. Some may say that it was a waste of potential productivity. But to farmer Hanson, any loss was worth the gain. After all, it was a life statement about who he was and what he believed.

Writing in crops is nothing new. According to cereologists, people who study the origins of crop circles, similar actions have been taken in England since the 16th Century. Intricately designed crop patterns, circles, and words have been attributed to fairies, devils, mysterious balls of fire, UFO’s, and extraterrestrial aliens. But usually, it was simply a talented farmer with a bold message for others.

Ok, follow me closely as I draw a brilliant illustration. I believe that my life is a “written statement in the bean field of my existence.” Sometimes, I look at what is going on around me, and all I see is wasted investment, crumpled product, and mown down dreams. I pray about decisions, and seek wise counsel, but even then, things can get a bit confusing.

However, since pleasing God is my goal, and being Christ-like is my passion, I faithfully cut my field as directed by the Holy Spirit. Often, I do not fully understand the turns and twists of my actions. But, my daily decisions are my tractor, and the Bible is my spell-check. Each day, my “statement” works toward completion.

Others may walk past my field and question my sanity. To them, I am just destroying the field. It’s not the way they farm. Their philosophy of farming puts their crop to the edges. Every inch of land must produce so many bushels of product. They would never ruin their field or risk public disapproval to make a controversial statement. But whether they know it or not, a statement is being written in their field, and it exposes their heart.

From the ground, things do not always make sense. From my perspective, I may fight discouragement and fear because I cannot see the end from the beginning. But the keyword is perspective. God in Heaven can clearly see the “statement” I am making in my field. Psalm 53:2 NLT – “God looks down from heaven on the entire human race; He looks to see if anyone is truly wise, if anyone seeks God.” I want to be that “anyone.”

So, here is the good, or bad, news: God sees the “statement” you are making. Is it pleasing to Him? Friends, this is personal. It has nothing to do with your local church, your politics, or your race. God looks at your life for a “statement” of holy living.

The question today is, what “statement” are you making in your bean field? God sees it.

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