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New Construction - Old Problems

The other day, I was with a person that was shopping for a house. One of the new construction homes that we visited was priced at over $1 million. As the salesman took the prospective buyer through it, he pointed out the amazing amenities.

The kitchen was a marvel with its built-in appliance package, designer tile, butler’s pantry, and granite countertops. The extravagant lighting system, and the water purification system would rival anything on the market. The rest of the house had the best features modern designers could muster. It was truly awe inspiring from the floor to the ceiling.

But what amazed me the most was the connectivity infrastructure that included a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi system. From the video doorbell to the wireless dimmers, it would seem that they had thought of everything.

When we walked into the master bedroom, the salesman spoke to the voice activated virtual assistant by name and said, “It’s morning!” Suddenly, the lights came on, happy music started playing, and the room darkening shades began to slowly open to let in the sun. Then he said, “It’s bedtime.” And the music switched to slow ballads, and the shades slowly closed.

Then the salesman said, “Find the cooking channel.” The TV came on and was tuned to that very channel. Then he said, “Where are the closest pizza restaurants.” The virtual assistant produced six restaurants that were nearby. The he asked, “Is the front door locked.” The answer was “yes.” Finally, he asked the virtual assistant to lower the temperature two degrees, and it did so.

As I walked through the palatial estate, I thought how wonderful it would be to own this home. But then I saw the HOA fees and the taxes. Not to mention the maintenance fees for the yard and pool. And can you even imagine how much the water, gas, and electric bills would be for a house of almost 6000 square feet? It will never happen.

While the salesman and buyer talked financing, I sat down in the wood paneled office. That's when the old song by Ira Stanphill crossed my mind. Do you remember it? Some of the lyrics are: “I’ve got a mansion just over the hilltop, in that bright land where, we’ll never grow old.” But then the verse came to my mind. It says, “I’m satisfied with just a cottage below.”

My satisfaction with my earthly cottage is mainly based in financial limitations. But Jesus has promised in John 14:2, that “In My Fathers' house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you!”

The word for “mansion” means a dwelling place or an abode. Apparently, when we get to Heaven, there will be a home that exactly fits our needs. It will be our own personal mansion for eternity. No taxes, HOA dues, or electric bill. HALLELUJAH!

Charley Pride used to sing, “I don’t care for fine mansions on earth’s sinking sand, Yes, build me just a cabin in the corner of glory land.” While I understand the sentiment behind this worthy song, my expectations are greater than a cabin or even a cottage. I want a house big enough for the grandkids to come over, and kick the ball and swat their birdie, and scream at the top of their lungs! Now that is Heaven.

Did you notice that heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people? That means, we have to have Christ in our hearts here, so that we can claim our Heavenly abode there.

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