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Living in the Last Days?

The Return of Christ to the earth has been scheduled. The same God who ordered the Creation of the world, and the Birth of Christ, has meticulously designed a timetable for the Last Days of the earth. While we do not know the day or hour (Matthew 25:13), we can know the signs of the times. Observant Believers will not be surprised when Christ Returns as a thief in the night.

Unfortunately, too many Believers take one of two viewpoints. The most common viewpoint is to ignore the possibility of the Return of Christ altogether. Instead, they are all wrapped up in this present daily life. Their biggest concerns are what to eat, what to wear, and how to spend time. To be concerned with the interruption of Christ Returning to earth would be a huge complication in their planning. So, it is easier to just ignore it.

The lesser viewpoint is to be totally consumed with the exact date of Christ’s Return. These Believers have created detailed and systematic charts, tables, and timelines that point to specific months and days that the Rapture will occur. Some have even predicted the actual day that Christ will Return, only to be disappointed. Then, instead of seeing their error, they set another, more distant date. This too is folly.

Both of these viewpoints are error. Christ has encouraged us to constantly “Watch” for His Return and to be prepared (Luke 21). In Matthew 24:42 Jesus said, “Watch therefore; for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” Watch means to be actively be on the alert. That is supposed to be the ready state of the Church in 2019. Are you alert?

Instead of naming dates, it is better for the Church to be aware of the Biblical prophecies as they unfold. To study the Word is to be amazed at the revelations God provides the querying mind. Popular Bible prophecy teacher Hal Lindsey has recently presented three excellent signs that confirm that we are in the Last Days. Each individual sign has great meaning and can stand alone as truth. But when you combine all three, it is an overwhelming disclosure that Jesus could Return at any moment.

Here is my understanding of the three signs of Christ’s Return as presented by Lindsey:

1. The rebirth of Israel and who controls Jerusalem

2. The convergence and frequency of Bible prophecies that were once more random

3. The degree and intensity of these prophecies is now unprecedented.

You have heard the clamor of the global warming shrills who wrongly claim that man’s lifestyles are the sole cause of the destruction of the earth. In their view, we can correct climate change by following their restrictions. While man has been part of the environmental problem, the issue is far greater than smokestacks, tailpipes, and Marlboro’s. Sin is the problem (Luke 21:25-26; Revelation 16:9). Living opposed to God and His ordered Will has led mankind into our present condition Mark 13:8).

Earthquakes, famines, and pestilence have come upon us because we have rejected the Holy One of God. Wars and rumors of wars are a direct result of selfishness, greed, and hatred of mankind. Driving “green” cars and getting rid of plastic straws will never change our wicked human nature that is driving us toward ultimate judgment. Yes, Jesus is coming back. Confess your sins, repent before God, and tell others that our only hope is in Christ.

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