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Belated Valentines

Do you remember Valentine's Day when we were in the third grade? What fun. We would take paper valentines to school and give one to everybody in our class. And hopefully, we would get a valentine from that special someone. Of course, we always gave a valentine to the teacher, because it might help her decide between a D- or an F.

Forgive me for using my imagination for a moment. WHAT IF some of the Bible characters gave valentines to each other? Maybe they would sound like this:

Dear Ahab: Will you be my valentine? We will create chaos together. Won’t that be fun? Signed, Jezebel.

Dear Adam: Will you be my valentine? Let’s meet by the big tree in the garden. Signed, Eve

Dear Leah: Will you be my valentine until Rachel is available? Signed, Jacob

Dear Joseph: Will you be my valentine pending the return of my husband? Signed, Potiphar’s Wife

Dear Sapphira: Will you be my valentine? Can you keep a secret? Signed, Ananias

Of course, there were no valentines in the Bible. But there was love. The amazing love story of Abraham and Sarah teaches us to be devoted to God and to each other (Genesis 17). God makes promises to us, and He will keep every promise. Even in our old age, God will be faithful.

The love story that surrounded Ruth and Boaz is still astounding (Ruth 1-4). Naomi cared so much for Ruth and coached her in her relationship with Boaz. Boaz was concerned for the safety of Ruth and grew to love her as more than a friend.

Do you remember the bizarre courtship of Samson and Delilah (Judges 16)? Talk about adversarial! These two competed at every level of their contentious relationship. There are so many lessons in this love story. But one major takeaway is that sometimes it is best to just walk away from a bad date!

And then there was the sweet relationship of Mary and Joseph (Matthew 1). This wonderful couple was chosen to provide an earthly home for Jesus. They were committed to God, each other, and to worship.

And do you know that the greatest love story of all is when God sent His only Son to earth? As it says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

We may forget many of the stories in the Bible. But please remember the love that God has shown toward us in Jesus. Though we are worthy of eternal separation from the Father, through Christ we can have Eternal Life. It is a marvelous mystery that is full of intrigue and wonder. Will you apply that story to your own life?

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