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Dad's Recliner

Father’s Day brings back many good memories of my dear Dad. Raymond was a native Texan, and loved Mexican food, Bar-b-que, and everything my mother cooked. He was a dedicated family-man who sacrificed his pleasures for our home.

Dad loved our country and volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. He brought back some curious mementos that he collected while being stationed in the Pacific Theater. He also earned many ribbons and medals for marksmanship, conduct, and valor. He was my hero.

After assisting as a deacon, elder, teacher and Sunday School superintendent in the local church, God called Dad to be a pastor. He began his ministerial studies while working a full time job. Eventually, he and Mom started a church in San Antonio as a bi-vocational pastor. What amazing dedication to the Lord.

In college, I assisted him as he pastored in Dallas. Later, when I served in fulltime ministry, we were on staff together in Houston and Wisconsin. Having Dad nearby for counsel and insight, was a tremendous blessing my life.

A few months after my mother died in 1982, Dad asked me to go with him to shop for a new recliner. He had spotted a sale at Montgomery Wards in Sharpstown Mall, and wanted me to help in the purchase and delivery of the chair. It is one of the items that I inherited from his estate.

Wherever Sue and I have established our home, that recliner has had a place in my office. The kids have spilled ice cream on it, and our dogs have snoozed in it while I studied at the computer. There were nights when I had sinus infections that Dad’s recliner provided the best angle for me to get some sleep.

Last night, 38 years later, I was sitting in that same recliner being flooded with sweet memories of my Dad. I could hear his voice as he assured me that everything would be all right. I could feel his gentle hugs that calmed me down in my storms.

It was as though Dad was back in that recliner being his consoling self. But more than that, I was reminded of the powerful example of manhood and fatherhood that he provided for me.

When I was young, he disciplined me in love. When I was a teen, he pointed out the absurdity of my youthful thinking with prudence and discretion. In my adult years, Dad was my confidant, sounding board, and wisdom-speaker. His advice always rang true.

On this Father’s Day 2021, my view of the Fatherhood of God, is enhanced because my earthly father, Raymond, was such a good man. And my prayer is that I may be a good example of fatherhood to my children and grandchildren. Thank you, Dad.

Psalm 103:13 ESV - As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.


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