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Heaven: Let's go!

Several years ago, I was asked to officiate the funeral of a gentleman I had never met. In my meeting with his daughter the day before the service, she explained that her dad had been a trusted leader in his local church until health issues forced him to move in with her.

She said that before he became ill, he gave generous offerings to the poor, would go on church-building trips in third world countries. Also, he loved to sing the old hymns really loud during his morning devotions. She always knew when her dad was in the Presence of Jesus because he could be heard all over the house!

Then, with misty eyes, she looked at me and said, “I wonder which hymn he is singing in Heaven right now?” And for just a moment, she fell silent as though hoping to hear his booming voice just one more time.

The Bible teaches that there is life after death (2 Corinthians 5:8). So, she was correct to assume that her dad would continue to praise Jesus in Heaven as he had done on earth.

The new arrivals in Heaven must be quite busy, while their family on earth is finalizing funeral plans. While the pallbearers are carrying the coffin to the grave, the recently departed Believer is worshipping Jesus with the saints of the ages.

But we weep. The sorrow and tears of survivors are all part of our earthly grieving process. We cry because we have lost someone dear to our hearts. Those sacred tears are valued by God and are collected in a bottle for safe keeping (Psalm 56:8).

After the meeting, I drove home with Heaven on my mind. This was the song that I wrote:

Verse 1

I wonder what they are doing in Heaven tonight,

Probably celebrating that the Lamb is the Light.

Maybe they are strolling down the streets of Gold,

Telling the Gospel story that will not get old.


Oh Hallelujah, I want to go there,

Oh Hallelujah, to breathe celestial air;

Oh Hallelujah, Heaven is calling me,

Oh Hallelujah, my Lord to see.

Verse 2

I wonder what they’re singing in Heaven tonight,

There’s Power in the Blood, or O Holy Night,

King David’s leading praises to the King of Kings,

Lifting joyful carols making Heaven ring!

Verse 3

I wonder what Christ's revealing, in Heaven tonight,

Mysteries of the Godhead, or the Throne of White,

Perhaps He is explaining why He loved us so,

These are Godly secrets that I want to know.

American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Some people are so Heavenly-minded that they are of no earthly good.” This speaks of people who are oblivious to human need because their head is in the clouds. However, real Heavenly-minded people are quite rare.

Friends, as you see this world crumbling all around you, make a better choice. You are challenged to look up into the Heavens and say, “Oh Hallelujah, I want to go there!”


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