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Little faith - Big God!

In the Bible, a man had a son that he loved dearly. He dreamed that his boy would have a fun and fulfilling life. But the boy was possessed by an evil spirit that tormented him day and night. The debilitating convulsions caused him to foam at the mouth and to occasionally roll into the fire or river. His life was at constant risk and he required nonstop supervision.

His father may have wept himself to sleep at night feeling helpless and fearful about the future. The doctors had given up, and the religious leaders had no answers. He loved his son, but he was at his wit’s end.

One day, he heard that the disciples of Jesus would be in town (Mark 9). Everyone was buzzing about the miracles they had seen, and the father suddenly felt hope. He brought his precious son to the men of God and they laid hands on him and prayed. Their words were promising, and the father felt this might be the answer. But nothing happened. Nothing changed. The boy remained as wretched as ever.

Even the disciples were frustrated. They couldn’t figure out what went wrong. To make matters worse, the disciples got into a theological argument with some of the local religious elders. And the heartbroken father and a ravaged little boy were ignored. How sad.

Then Jesus came. Praise God for those three words. No matter how miserable the situation, things immediately look hopeful when Jesus comes. The dead are raised. The sick are healed. The despondent are uplifted when Jesus comes.

Jesus asked the father about the son’s condition, and they talked for a while. What happened next is incredible. Listen closely because this father could be you. The father begs Jesus to heal his son and says “if you can.” Now that’s not exactly a strong faith statement, is it? But Jesus did not belittle the father.

Instead, Jesus said “Everything is possible for him who believes.” Now here’s a distraught father who had tried everything, and everything failed. He was emotionally drained, heart-broken, frazzled, and overwhelmed at the prospect of having to live the rest of his life in this awful predicament.

Finally, the weary father mustered enough courage to say, “I do believe. Help my unbelief.” After all he had been through, it is amazing that the father could rally any belief at all. Jesus saw the hurt and hope in the father, and the bondage and despair of the son, and exorcised the demons, healed the son, and brought relief and joy to the father. Indeed, nothing is impossible with God.

What is your question today? I assure you that Jesus is the answer. Right now, no matter how weak your faith, ask the Lord to help you. Then expect miracles!


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