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The Christmas Lamb

Several years ago, I wrote a children’s Christmas story that still has value today. Hope you enjoy it.

Long ago, on a cold night, a baby lamb was born. His little body shivered in the north wind as he struggled to use his wobbly legs. One step forward, then sit down. The little lamb had a simple life. Eat, drink, sleep, and try to use his legs. His name was Rehoboam, but his mean older brothers just called him “Runt!”

Not long after he was born, word came that the sheep families were moving. The next morning, the voice of their shepherd Bashan, called them to leave their familiar grassy hill, to start the trip. Runt was very sad to leave the only place he knew as home. They traveled many days and nights with little rest. Runt became very tired on his new legs and could not keep up with the older sheep.

One day, the sheep families stopped at a place called Jacob’s Well. A good drink sounded so good, but Runt was the last in line. After he finally got a drink, he crawled under a big tree and took a nap. But when he awoke, it was dark, and Runt was all alone. The sheep family had moved along without him. His weary legs began to shake, and big tears oozed from his eyes.

Suddenly, huge hands grabbed him and threw Runt into a cloth sack. He was tossed into a wagon and traveled for days without food. When the wagon stopped, someone ripped open the bag, and threw Runt into a pen with other sheep. There was a lot of pushing and shoving as everyone tried to get out. It seems that these sheep were selected to be the next Temple sacrifices. It was a short-lived high honor.

One big sheep instigated a break from the flimsy pen by pushing against the gate. The plan worked too well. In the panic that followed, Runt fell and was trampled under the hoofs of the stampeding sheep. When the dust settled, Runt was left near death. Everything hurt. A little girl picked up Runt and asked her dad if she could nurse him back to health.

She took the little lamb to a cave where there was a warm fire. Tenderly, the little girl cleaned Runt’s deep wounds. Then, she fed him and gently laid him on a mound of fresh hay. Runt drifted off to sleep, completely exhausted. Runt was rudely awakened as a man and woman rushed into the cave. The woman was in great pain, and fell to the ground in tears. Things happened fast.

But soon, Runt could hear the sound of a little baby softly crying. The man looked very happy, and the new mother had a tired but beautiful smile on her face. The cave was filled with an awesome peace, and even the other animals were quiet. Could he be dreaming? He pushed himself closer to the mound of hay where a newborn baby was lying. Immediately, Runt loved this baby, and wanted to be close to Him.

As he lay down beside the Baby Jesus, Runt finally felt safe and secure. No longer was he alone with Jesus beside him. And it is true today. Christ, our Savior, brings peace and security day and night. This Christmas, stay close to Jesus.

©David G. Rose 1995

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